Monday, July 07, 2008

Using Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to manage Virtual Server 2005

I was trying to add a Virtual Server 2005 host to a Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Beta and I kept receiving the following error:

Error (421)
Agent installation failed on MBC02.mbccs.internal because of a WS-Management configuration error. 

Recommended Action
See the Virtual Machine Manager Help for information about configuring WS-Management.


Of course, being a beta product, that help section didn't exist and a search for "WS-Management" didn't yield anything.  WS-Management is installed by adding "Hardware Management" from Windows Components > Management and Monitoring tools (WinRM service), and this was installed on my server so I was pretty confused as to why I was receiving this message.

It turns out that you need to install WS-Management v1.1 which is provided as a hotfix from Microsoft.  You can download it from


Hope this helps!

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