Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Monitor Disappointment: Dell 2208WFP 22" Wide Screen LCD

I've owned a number of Dell LCD monitors over the years, and with every new monitor I've used, my satisfaction with them increased, that is until yesterday when I received two new Dell 2208WFP's.

The short of it is that they are back in the box, being returned to Dell for another set of 2008WFP's to replace my home monitors (17").

I've read that the 22" LCD's are the "odd panels out" in that 22" is between 20" and 24" where the resolutions increase.  Still, I didn't think they'd be a downgrade from my current 20" panels.

First impression was BRIGHT - man were they bright - I was nearly blinded.  Usually some simple adjustments to brightness, contrast and sometimes gamma will resolve these types of issue, but to my disappointment, once I got the brightness to a reasonable level, all of the colors appeared washed out. I also noticed a red tint to the panel, and gray text appeared blurry.  No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get the color to look good at any reasonable brightness level.  It was either too bright, or washed out.

I'd love to get a pair or 24" wide screen monitors but the truth is that I don't think I have room on my desk for them - the 22" monitors were pushing it already.

So there you have it - stay away from the Dell 2208WFP.  I should add that the rest of Dell's monitor line up is spectacular so definitely don't let this discourage you from buying them!


Anonymous said...

You`ve posted this a week ago and it`s too bad I did not read it before. With all the great reviews that this monitor got, I went ahead and purchased two just like you. These are way too bright! I can`t stare at these for more than 10 minutes without feeling like someone is pulling on my optic nerves.

Tenzin Minz said...

You saved my time! I saw today one at bestbuy and did noticed that color looks washed out. I was so gonna get that 22"dell until I personally felt it. I dont know what ultra sharp might do. I need a good monitor for graphix..

cheap computers said...

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