Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Follow-up: Monitor Disappointment: Dell 2208WFP 22" Wide Screen LCD

I previously wrote about how displeased I was with a pair of Dell 2208WFP 22" Wide Screen LCD's and I just thought I'd provide a quick follow-up on what happened and what I settled with.

MBC is a Dell VAR; we order hardware from Dell non-stop, and lots of it, so I was really surprised and disappointed in the experience we had trying to return these, especially when my rep told me that we were one of his bigger accounts.  Apparently Dell does not like to return peripherals because they end up loosing money on them in shipping alone.  Not that I really care - after all, how they ship their product isn't my problem, and I was even willing to pay a restocking fee (which, by the way, we didn't end up paying).  After more then I would have expected back and forth between myself and our Dell rep, Dell finally agreed to return the monitors.  But after about a week of "you will receive the return instructions via email shortly," I began to get even more annoyed, thinking the return would never actually happen.  Finally, the issue was escalated to my reps manager and we did actually receive the return instructions, and off the monitors went.

I decided to settle on a pair of Dell 2009W 20" Wide Screen LCD's that should be arriving any day now.  I certainly hope these are as good, if not better then my current Dell 2007WFP's (also 20").

I will be sure to write about them once I start using them, but I did want to provide a quick overview of my return headaches.  Dell "lesson of the day": be persistent and they'll eventually give in.

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