Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vista SP1 Installation Results

I thought it might be worthwhile to keep track of my Vista SP1 installs and any particular issues I run into.

Updated: February 20th, 2008

First Install: Dell Precision 380, Vista x86

Installed without any problems, but about 18 hours later I was prompted to re-active Windows.  Reactivation was successful using online method.

Second Install: MacBook with Boot Camp 2.0, Vista x86

Installed without any problems but during installation the computer rebooted and booted OS X (default selection) - I suppose this is my fault and easily rectifiable, but something to watch out for

Third Install: Dell Latitude D620, Vista x86

I first tried to execute the service pack from a network share.  Windows prompted me to run the program, which I did, but after several minutes of waiting I checked Task Manager only to find it was not executing. For the next attempt I copied the file to a local drive and ran it - installation was successful.

4) Dell Optiplex 745

Installed without problems.

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