Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Examining HTTP responses in kernel-mode cache

I came across an interesting post relating to a problem with a HttpModule caused by kernel-mode cache. The author points out a handy netsh command to view the contents of the kernel-mode cache.

You will need to have some requests before you will see anything - refreshing http://localhost/welcome.png a few times seems to do the trick.

netsh http show cache

Snapshot of HTTP response cache:

URL: http://localhost:80/welcome.png
    Status code: 200
    HTTP verb: GET
    Cache policy type: User invalidates
    Creation time: 2007.12.10:5.22.23:0
    Request queue name: DefaultAppPool
    Headers length: 186
    Content length: 184946
    Hit count: 15
    Force disconnect after serving: FALSE

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