Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My favorite Apple Leopard Features

Ahh it wouldn't be a good day if I didn't get to poke a bit of fun at Apple. Just going through the list of features gives me tons of reasons to upgrade

Boot Camp
Can't I download this for free as-is?

"Enjoy an elegant, distinctive new look across the entire system. The semitransparent menu bar and reflective Dock frame your desktop picture. The active application window stands out with a deeper drop shadow and a distinctive toolbar color. One look at Leopard and you’ll know you’re in for something special."

Or I could just run Vista...

DVD Player
"Enjoy DVD Player’s dramatic new full-screen interface, which puts all your DVD’s features right at your fingertips. Mouse over the top or bottom regions to access onscreen semitransparent displays for a wealth of controls and settings."

Yes, truly groundbreaking...

"Gain more control over the built-in firewall. Specify the behavior of specific applications to either allow or block incoming connections."

Ya thats original

Library Randomization
"Defend against attackers with no effort at all. One of the most common security breaches occurs when a hacker’s code calls a known memory address to have a system function execute malicious code. Leopard frustrates this plan by relocating system libraries to one of several thousand possible randomly assigned addresses."

Apple: "We invented it first, then MS copied it!"

"Stronger Encryption for Disk Images
Give your data even more security. Disk Utility now allows you to create encrypted disk images using 256-bit AES encryption."

Can anyone say Windows 2000?

"Empty Trash Button
Empty the Trash from the Trash itself with the Empty Trash button."

My life will never be the same

Time Machine
Good thing Windows users haven't been enjoying this since Windows 2003.

"64-Bit Applications
Make use of all your existing devices. Leopard is the first mainstream operating system to completely and seamlessly support both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on the same platform."

Yes Apple, you are the first system to seamlessly support both 32-bit and 64-bit. Wait, then what I have I been running on my Windows machine for the last 2 years?

"Easily visualize your code's structure as you type with a unique highlighting effect, or use your mouse to select a code block to fold out of the way"

Once again Apple, you have raised the bar.....to Visual Studio 2003.

So all in all, there are 10 new real features?

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