Monday, September 10, 2007

Why does iTunes setup need to close Outlook?!

Everytime I update iTunes I remember why I left it so long - the install process is quite annoying! Can someone please explain to me why it's necessary to close Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer while installing iTunes?

It drives me even more crazy when I see Apple advertisements poking at certain annoyances in Windows yet Apple is usually the worst offender - Apple clearly does not understand the Windows environment, even though most of their software users are Windows users.

Now only if I could understand why it creates shortcuts everywhere meanwhile it only has 2 checkboxes to disable a few of them. grr!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain--I'm uninstalling iTunes right now, and it's asking me to close Outlook's Inbox. Obviously, there's something more going on behind the scenes, and with the recent scandals involving background installations and web-use monitoring, I guess I can no longer trust Apple either. Sad.

Anonymous said...

This is because iTunes uses the default e-mail client (in your case, outlook), to sync-up contacts/calendar info with your potential iDevice.

In order to do so, it installs an extension for outlook so every time an iDevice is connected, synchronization happens automatically

Anonymous said...

(Thus, the request to restart outlook)

Anonymous said...

WTF, why does Apple not actually ASJ first or give you an Option, I for one do not want or trust Apple to go near my contacts, email or anything other that what I THE USER decide I want it for.

I do NOT want it to sync anything, typical damn Apple.

Anonymous said...

You can totally disable contact sync... And by default, nothing is synced when you plug in an iDevice to a new computer/iTunes installation. When you plug in your iDevice, select it in iTunes and it gives you pretty fine grained control over what to sync and whether or not to even sync at all. iTunes is just installing the extension in case you ever do want to sync.

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