Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why don't things just work in Safari?!

When developing web applications, I primarily target Internet Explorer 6/7, and Firefox 1.5/2.0, but I do usually test things in Safari for layout purposes. While I rarley encouter any significant layout problems in Safari (other then its odd font rendering and super-thick anti-aliasing), the second I even think about a client-side component working I seemed to get slaped in the face, especially when it has something to do with callbacks.

I understand that Apple likes to do its own thing (ie: dock connector on the iPods - USB anyone?), but for god sakes, can't they support a similiar event model to another browser? Granted, Firefox and IE implement different event models too, but at least they are a bit more straight forward to abstract and work with.

And that is just with Safari 2.0...Don't even get me started about 3.0 (I'd have more to say if it didn't crash everytime I tried to run it on one of my workstations).

Whats most frustrating is that they've done a good job at supporting layout standards (they even pass the ACID2 test), but from a programming point of view, its a nightmare. And built in debugging tools? Useless - I get random null references on lines that don't exist and no errors when there actually is a problem.


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